Race in America Video

Racism has always existed not only in America but throughout the world.  Even though I am from a country of browns, darker skin toned people have always been looked upon even in my country, India.  I remember how hard it was to get my cousin married, as no one wanted to marry her because of her dark skin color.  Color and discrimination, either because of color, caste or creed is part of our society now.  but I think rather  than trying to change the way how society thinks, we should all work on ourselves and should try to change how we think.  No one is happy the way god made them.  If someone has straight hair they want to curl them or perm them, if some one has curled hair, they want them to be straight.  If someone has long hair they want short, if someone has short hair, they want long. If someone has light skin they want to bleach it to look lighter and someone with white skin pays a fortune to get tanned.  The day we all will learn to love who we are and how we look and would trust god that if he has made us this way, it is for our best interest, racism won’t exist.  I loved how one of the parents has taught their kids to be self-confident,
and am proud of that little girl who at this young age has understood the fact that “it doesn’t matter how you look from outside”, which a lot of adults still fail to understand till date.  It is unfortunate the racism exists and will continue to exist, but we can only change the society if we can change ourselves, as it is “US” who make the society.

Response to “A Girl Like Me”

I don’t think racism is taught to anyone intentionally, this is something that is instilled over a period of time.  It is said that if you repeat a
lie a hundred times, people would start considering it a truth eventually.  I think is it the same case with racism.  Racism has existed since inception. When Dr. Kenith Clark conducted the experiment more than 50 years ago, to see which color doll, amongst black and white, young kids would pick to play with, majority of the kids chose the white doll.  And now when a young teenage girl conducted a similar experiment to see if the scenario has changed, she got almost the same result. In her test 15 out of 21 kids chose the white doll, and said that the dark doll was “ugly”.

I think most kids thought that the dark doll was ugly not because they were told by anyone that dark is bad, but instead they observed adults behaving a certain way towards dark people and another way towards light skin people.  This behavior is not something that one can develop in just one day, this is something that builds in over a period of time.  As Pierre Bourdieu, said that “These common dispositions, and the shared doxa they establish, are the product of an identical or similar socialization leading to the generalized incorporation of the structures of the market of symbolic goods in the form of cognitive structures in agreement with the objective structures of that market.” The shared belief of the society that black is bad and dark is good is established by the common habits of the society.  People watch TV where dark skin people are portrayed a certain way, which when repeated over and over again creates a stereotype towards those people.  We heard those young girls giving out different adjectives for themselves, like loud, obnoxious, ghetto, and so on.  People adopt these beliefs and nurture them over a period of time, making them so deep rooted that it would be next to impossible to remove racism for good from our society now.  This is something that has been there since inception and would continue to exist.  The moderation might change a bit though as it already has.

Major I want to graduate in..

The major i have chosen to graduate with is Accounting.  Accounting has been my favorite subject since highschool.  Yes,  said “Highschool”, because in my country (India), students are supposed to choose their major amongst three choices namely,  Science, Commerce and Art in eleventh grade..  Even though at that time i chose the commerce major just because i thought i was not smart enough to do well in science and and not dumb enough to take Art as my major (it is usually stereotyped for low grade students).  Since i was a little above average student, i chose Commerce major not knowing that evcntually i will love it.  Infact i ended up getting a bachelors degree in the same major.

When i moved to the US in 2006, at first i was content with my bachelors degree from india and the job i had as bookkeeper.  But eversince i saw my uncle running his CPA firm, i started dreaming of having one of my own one day.  In order to fulfill my dreams, I joined college again in 2009 to further my education in my favorite subject “Accounting”.  I have already declared my major and am planning to graduate with my masters in Fall of 2013.  My dream is now my family’s dream as well. I am sure their endless support and encouragement would always keep me going and would never let me fail.

In order to sit for the CPA examination in NY State, the state requires you to complete a minimum of 120 credits and one or more courses in Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Auditing and Federal Income Taxation. There are many other requirements too, that you need to fullfil before you can obtain the license.

On an average a CPA with less than a year experience earns about $45,912.00, whereas someone with 9-10 year of experience can make upto $80,000.  These are just the basic salaries, on top of this you also get good perks and bonuses and not to mention opputunities to get better and better positions.

Response to “I Love College”

I have no idea if this is the true picture of college in US.  i have never been in such parties and do not intend to be in one either.  I think most of the students who opt to go to a college, do so, so that they could make the best out of their lives.  And if anyone gets inspired by these kind of vedios, will only take themselves ten steps back from their goal (if they have any), making ivt much harder to achieve. In my country, India, colleges and schools are referred to as ” temple of education” and “ocean of education”.  They are believed to have so much so offer that you can never have enough.  its sad how students who get the opportunity to be in a college andmmake the best out of it, take it for granted.  whereas, there are millions of children throughout the globe who can only wish or dream to be in a school or college.

the video is indeed fun to watch, and i do not think there is anything wrong in partying or having fun, only if everything is in balance.   I think people who are more interested in partying, getting wasted or having sex for that matter, should not bother getting into a college and waste their parent’s, government’s or their own money.  I think there are other cheaper ways to have that kind of fun.


be thankful for what you have!!

Tell me about a time you nearly died. What happened?

this is an interview with my cousine. i know she had a horrible
accident couple of years ago. i thought she could share her experience with me.
this is how my interview went with her.

Me: Hey Natasha, I need a favor.

Natasha : wat’s up?

Me : Actually I have an assignment to do wherein I

have to interview someone who had a nearly death experience. I know you were in
an accident couple of

years ago. I was wondering if you will

be ok sharing the experience with me.

Natasha : AA Actually I don’t like remembering

that incident. But if it wasn’t for your


Me : O if you do not feel

comfortable then its ok.

Natasha : no that is fine.

Me : Thank you so much.

Natasha : No problem

Me : So when did it happen?

Natasha :

  1. I remember as if it wasyesterday. April 20, 2010 a nice, sunny

    and bright Tuesday morning.

  2. The day waseven more special because I had just found out that I was two months pregnant

    with Japjee (her  second child).

  3. I ran to Sunny(her husband) to give him the news.
  4. We were as happy as we could be.
  5. He told me that I’ll have to stop driving thecar and that from now on he will drop me to school, But I insisted that I would
    drive myself,

    since it was too early to give up driving.

  6. I had borrowed myfather-in-law’s Pathfinder to go to school that day.
  7. The whole day I was fine
    there, smiling everynow and then thinking about my new baby.

Me : awww

  1. On my way back to homethough, as I merged on to the LI Expressway, all of the sudden my car started

    spinning 360 degree.

  2. I started hitting the brakes
    as hard as I possibly could.
  3. I can hear the squeaky sound in my ears till date.
  4. The car was completely out
    of control and onlycame to halt after hitting the road divider so hard that the front for the

    truck squished in and my leg got stuck in the door.

  5. Although the airbags saved my face and upperbody, the fumes inside the car made me worry if the car will blow up.
  6. I was scared to death.
  7. I thought this can’t be happening to me.
  8. I thought I’ll have to get
    out of this car as soon as possible.
  9. I gathered some courage and somehow pushed the door open;
  10. I then dragged myself out of the car and sat on the roadside.

Me : you dint get any help from

the passerby?

  1. o yeah, I did. If I could, I
    would like to thank all those people who stopped to help me and told me that everything
    will be ok.
  2. In fact one of them was a doctor and he even looked at my leg, cuz
    it seemed to be broken, butit was a muscle tear instead.
  3. He even called sunny to tell him about the accident.

Me : he must be shocked to hear


  1. I am sure he was. But
    doctor did tell him that I was fine and conscious.
  2. Luckily enough I had ambulance right behind me and they took me
    straight to thehospital.
  3. It was a great relief at the hospital when doctors told me that my
    baby is fine.
  4. Throughout this time the only thing bothering me was the baby’s
  5. I wasn’t worried about my
    injuries as I knew they will heal with time.
  6. I cannot thank god enough who saved my life so I could give birth
    to another one.
  7. I really think that god gave
    me another chance to live as a car spinning 360 degree on a busy highway during
    the peak hours and not hitting any other car or vehicle is almost nextto impossible.
  8. I remember looking at the car after the accident, and I actually
    thought that it was a miracle to survive that horrible accident. God had his
    hand over me that day. It is like a second life to me.

Me : yes it is indeed.  Thank
you so much Natasha for sharing your experience with me. I know this experience
has only made you more stronger.  Thanks again

Rising Action : 1 – 7

Climax : 8 – 17

Falling action : 18 – 25

Conclusion : 26-28


Kedriya Vidyalaya Tagore Garden – My Highschool

The Kendriya Vidyalaya have a four – fold mission, viz.,

To cater to the educational needs of children of transferable Central Government employee including – Defence and Para-military personnel by providing a common programme of education;
To pursue excellence and set the pace in the field of school education;
To initiate and promote experimentation and innovations in education in collaboration with other bodies like the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) etc. and
To develop the spririt of national integration and create an sense of ‘Indianness’ among children.

Although it has been more than 12 years since I graduated from my highschool, but I remember as if it was yesterday when the whole school (almost 2500 students) used to line up for morning assembly. I remember we used to start our day by addressing our fellow students as brothers and sisters and used to end the assembly by singing the national anthem. i think Kendriya Vidyalaya has been able to achieve its mission “To develop the spririt of national integration and create an sense of ‘Indianness’ among children”.
The school has also been able to accomplish other mission statements by providing equal opportunities through out the nation, to every child of a central govt. employee with a transferable job.
The school also offers plenty opportunities to students to participate in a variety of extra curriculum and co-curriculum activities at different zonal or state levels. I am not sure about their position now, but during my tenure Kendriya Vidyalaya Tagore Garden used to be in the top ten schools in India.

my best educational moment

it was summer, month of july of 2000 a bright sunny wednesday. i remember getting up that morning with a pressure in my heart and brain. i was nervous but equally excited to put on a nice brown polka dot dress and high heel matching shoes. i was trying to look at the skript so i could refresh, but was too busy putting my mascara on and doing my hair. i remember spending almost an hour on my hair, just to leave them loose. i wanted to look very pretty that day, infact i wanted to look the prettiest in my school. but just looking pretty wasn’t enough that day, i was supposed to look smart and confident as well, as i was supposed to stand in front of 100 people and give a presentation on “Words and their importance”. i had been practicing the presentation for almost a month now, and was pretty confident about my performance untill i got up that morning. as the time approached my heartbeat kept racing untill i could hear it. its was torturous.

i remember i was standing behind the stage, while waiting for my name to be called. My feet and hands were cold like ice. all the negetive thoughts racing through my mind, made me feel like quiting right there and then. Finally my name was called and i froze for almost a minute. then i took a deep breath and said to myself “its now or never”, and somehow got on to the stage. then took another deep breath and started my presentation. To my surprise, while i was talking on the stage, not even once i thought of my dress, my hair or my make up for that matter, untill i stopped and saw people clapping for me. i am glad i took the courage to participate in the event and got at second position. the presentation not only tought me how to speak in front of public but also taught me how to carry myself and be cofident. This wasa very important and best educational moment of my life.

baby shakira

why i am in college?

I love accounting, and love playing with numbers, but more than that i love my two kids. I am in college so i could learn about what i love, for the kids whom i love the most. After I am done with school i want to get a job, better than the one i had before. A job which would allow me to fulfill all my dreams and my kids’ as well. I am in school so I could make the best out of my life.

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